Nature Reserve “Okanj Bara” is located in Central Banat District, in close proximity of the left bank of Tisza river, to the North-East of the City of Zrenjanin. It stretches for 11km in NW-SE direction, while the average width of the reserve reaches about 4km. It is surrounded by the villages of Elemir, Taraš, Kumane and Melenci. “Okanj Bara” is located on territories of both Zrenjanin and Novi Bečej Municipalities. It belongs to Cadastral communities Elemir, Taraš, Melenci and Kumane. Special Nature Reserve “Okanj Bara” is surrounded by local roadways Taraš-Elemir and Elemir-Melenci-Novi Bečej, railway road Beograd-Zrenjanin-Kikinda, as well as Tisza river inland waterway. The conservation area is located 15km from Zrenjanin, 60km from Novi Sad and 90km from Belgrade.

The proximity of the aforementioned roadways, as well as that of the large cities in the region, make the conservation area of “Okanj Bara” well accessible. Altitude of the terrain ranges from 74m above sea level on the bottom of depressions to 83m on the higher coastline on the east of the Okanj pond. A few artificially made mounds stand out, reaching the height of about 86m above sea level. Table 1.

Boundary tangents According to Greenwich According to Gauss-Krieger
SL - Southern border line 45° 26' 30" N 5033.287
NL - Northern border line 45° 32' 36" N 5044.637
WL - Western border line 20° 10' 24" E 7435.399
EL - Eastern border line 20° 19' 10" E 7446.810

Geographic centre indicates the general location of the reserve (table 2)

Table 2: The coordinates of geographic centre
Geographic centre
Greenwich coordinates Gauss-Krüger coordinates
45° 28' 03" N - 20° 18' 20" E 5036.133 – 7445.716